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About Us

Completing your team

Constructing your dream

SeZa Management Consultancy

At Seza Management Consultants we are perfectly positioned to offer the ideal solution to all of your project management requirements. Our core team are able to support all aspects of your programme delivery phases and have a proven track record and experience across all sectors and disciplines.


Whether your project requires senior leadership support, Management of Lifting or Temporary Works Coordination our trusted team can provide:


  • Site Management

  • Programme Development

  • Lifting Management

  • Temporary Works Coordination

  • Temporary Works Supervision

  • Behavioural Management

  • Document Control

  • Quality Management


Our valued customers form the foundations of our entire structure, and our core value is to ensure each of our customers understand nothing is more important to our business than offering and delivering the same high level of service and commitment with each contractual obligation.


We have a multi disciplined management team fully qualified to provide the ideal solution to your project requirements.

Our lifting operations support personnel have extensive knowledge across all sectors and can compliment and complete your lifting requirements, from standardised appointed person duties to undertaking full contract lifting operations from maritime through to rail.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

Within SEZA we strive to provide a service that not only compliments your existing team but also ensures your project aligns with our own values to continue our mission to create a sustainable and achievable project that enables our future generations to thrive. 

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